"Buy Unique, Buy Handmade" 


We offer an affordable place for crafters to promote, display and sell their items, whilst still maintaining a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all.  If you love handmade, you'll love our fairs...


How did it all start?

After having difficulty finding affordable craft fairs in my local area at the beginning of 2014, I decided to start organising one myself.

I love handmade items and wanted to give myself and other local crafters somewhere to sell, promote and display their items for an affordable price... as crafters/artists rarely receive the recognition they deserve for all the hours of hard work they put in.  


About our craft fairs - 


Our fairs run from April till December, approximately every 4 weeks and are always on a Saturday between 1.30pm - 5pm, held at:


 St Mary's Church Hall,

(Opposite St Mary's Church)

Church Street,




How to find us -


We are approximately 10 minutes walk from Twickenham Railway Station and between 5-8 minutes walk from bus routes H22, 281, 267, R68, 110, 490 and R70.

We are situated at the end of Church Street, Twickenham. This is a beautiful location filled with local, independent businesses with a real community spirit. We are close to Twickenham riverside and the Church Hall itself is directly opposite St Mary's Church.  

How to find the entrance to the hall -

We always (weather permitting) put up large vinyl posters directly outside the hall entrance on the morning of our fairs to make it easier to find us.  At the end of Church Street, opposite St Marys Church, right near Twickenham Riverside, you can't miss us :-) 

Access for all -


St Mary's Church Hall is perfect for our craft fairs, it is spacious, with wood flooring, high ceilings and a lot of natural light, which is welcoming and bright.  The entire fair is on one level, with no staircases or steps and we will always endevour to allow plenty of space between stalls for ease of access for both customer and crafter alike.

We will always allow access for wheelchair and pushchair users at our fairs, as it is important that everyone has an equal chance of looking around, no matter what their circumstance.

We normally have 16-18 stalls at every event, but can comfortably cater for up to 19 stalls + refreshments stand.


More events held at St Marys Church Hall in 2017:



For further information about these pamper evenings, please view the Facebook events pages:

AUGUST: https://www.facebook.com/events/379725175738262

NOVEMBER: https://www.facebook.com/events/1793607240966186

DECEMBER: https://www.facebook.com/events/230962324031841

This includes any information about how to apply to become a stallholder (please read through the details, as only certain qualified massage/treatment professionals are required.)

For tickets please visit www.clairegjewellery.co.uk and click "events" in the store. (The direct link for each event is in the above pictures.)


Why is it important to buy handmade? 


Handmade items are a unique gift idea.

Why buy all your gifts in the same shops, when you can have something that makes more of an impact and can be tailor-made or even personalised.

Many of us do not consider the numerous hours crafter's spend sourcing unique materials, creating new designs, networking, displaying their work, making their items and generally trying to promote themselves online and in person, just to be seen.  As it is so time consuming, unfortunately, many crafters and small businesses end up having to give up the only thing they love doing, as they just can't be seen by enough people to cover their ongoing costs.

Put simply, if consumers only ever spend their money on mass produced items that are cheap to make/distribute, then handmade items and crafters themselves will eventually disappear. Supporting local businesses and crafers by continuing to buy handmade is the only way we will keep these specialist trades alive.


You can also find us here:






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What can I expect to see at the fair?


We aim to offer as much variety as possible - Previous fairs have included items such as:

Hand crafted jewellery, Charity stalls offering handmade craft items, Baby/toddler clothing, Vintage inspired items, Toiletries, Christmas decorations, Greetings cards, Shabby-chic gifts, Quilts, Ceramics, Photographic cards, Pet treats, Easter gifts, Tote bags, Children's clothing, Halloween inspired items, Keyrings, Head/shoulder massage, Wooden plaques, Easter gifts, Cross-stitch, Home baked dog treats, Mosaics, Crochet, Christmas gifts, Silk slippers, Decorative items, Illustrators, Hand decorated framed pictures, Baby accessories, Glassware, Clay items, Cushions, A caricature artist, Knitting, Vintage inspired jewellery, Home fragrance, Fridge magnets, Paintings, Felt bags, Candles, Home décor, Up-cycling, Personalised gifts, Needlecraft, Catnip toys, Silk purses, Felt animals, Children's books, Scrabble-letter made frames, Vintage prints, Handbags, Charity tombola, Candles in tea cups and many other handmade gift ideas....  


Images of stalls from previous fairs:

prev next

Refreshments at our fairs:

We have a local baker (Steve) who runs the refreshments stand at our fairs. He offers a friendly service, along with affordable Hand-baked cakes, scones and savouries, together with cold and hot drinks.

There is a different selection each time.  At previous fairs they have sold these yummy items: Scones, Coffee & walnut cake, Lemon tray bake,  Cheese and homemade chutney sandwiches, Fudge, a selection of sweets, Chocolate cake, Bacon and leek lattice, Walnut cake, Peanut butter cookies, Sausage and stuffing rolls, Cherry bakewell and chocolate brownies.

With prices starting at just 50p, why not pop in to get some lunchtime nibbles whilst you have a stroll around our fair :-)

How is the fair advertised?


There are 1,000 flyers printed for every event, which are distributed in the local area by myself and many of the crafters who had/have a stall at our fair. They are also displayed by myself (and other crafters) when participating at other craft fairs within the Middlesex/Surrey area to increase awareness.

Many are also left with staff to display/distribute in coffee shops, cafes, Chemists, restaurants, doctors' surgeries, shops, hairdressers, council offices, local charities, newsagents, pubs and other businesses in the local/surrounding area.

Approx 8-10 posters are put up around St Margarets (as posters are not permitted in most of Twickenham.)

The craft fairs are also advertised frequently on social media by myself and many of the crafters who have stalls, or who previously had a stall at the event.

At each fair 3-6 large vinyl banners are put up directly outside to increase footfall/awareness on the day (provided there is not heavy rain/very adverse weather conditions, as unfortunately they do not stick to the walls when there is.) Smaller posters are also put up inside the main entrance with arrows to direct customers to the fair.


Our flyers and promotional material for 2017:


                       CRAFT FAIR DATES FOR 2017:

                     Saturday 15th April 2017

                     Saturday 13th May 2017

                      Saturday 1st July 2017

                      Saturday 12th August 2017 (Summer Fair)

                      Saturday 16th September 2017

                      Saturday 28th October 2017 (Halloween themed)

                      Saturday 18th November 2017 (Christmas themed)

                       Saturday 9th December 2017 (Christmas themed)


Previous Craft Fair dates (2016) -

   Saturday 2nd April 2016 - Complete

   Saturday 7th May 2016 - Complete

   Saturday 4th June 2016 - Complete

   Saturday 2nd July 2016 - Complete

   Saturday 6th August 2016 - Complete

   Saturday 10th September 2016 - Complete

   Saturday 1st October 2016 - Complete

   Saturday 29th October 2016 - Complete


   Saturday 3rd December 2016 - Complete


Previous Craft fair dates (2015) -

Saturday 11th April - Complete

Saturday 9th May - Complete

Saturday 6th June - Complete

Saturday 4th July - Complete

Saturday 15th August - Complete

Saturday 12th September - Complete

Saturday 7th November - Complete

Saturday 5th December - Complete


Previous Craft fair dates (2014)

Saturday 12th April 2014 - Complete

Saturday 24th May 2014 - Complete

Saturday 5th July 2014 - Complete

Saturday 9th August 2014 - Complete

Saturday 27th September 2014 - Complete

Saturday 18th October 2014  - Complete

Saturday 22nd November 2014 - Complete

Saturday 13th December 2014 - Complete



*** As of 3rd January 2017, we have re-opened our books to new applicants for a limited time/or until all available spaces have been assigned *** 

Sorry, but we can NOT accept any jewellery applications as there are NO jewellery spaces available 


We are currently only looking for specific types of craft/handmade items, so if you make/are any of the following, please get in touch -


Stalls are just £15, payable ONLY by Paypal and are offered to local crafters on the mailing list approximately 4-7 weeks prior to each event.  Only 2 fairs are open for booking at any one time. The stall fee pays towards hall hire, advertising costs and provides each crafter with a 5ft-6ft table, 2 chairs and FREE tea/coffee during the event. 

To apply please see below the list of criteria:

  • Stalls HAVE TO consist of at least 70% of items that are handmade, hand crafted, hand decorated, your unique design, or put together by hand - We always want to adhere to our motto "Buy Unique, Buy Handmade".
  • You MUST be local to Twickenham/the surrounding area, as our fairs were only created to showcase local, talented crafters. (Within 10 miles of TW1)
  • We ALWAYS recommend Public liability insurance to cover any possible loss, claims, damage to stall/property and for their own peace of mind. If you wish to sell consumables it is a legal requirement.
  • Payment is ONLY taken by Paypal and places are only confirmed after payment has been received in full, if you do not have a Paypal account, we can not add you to the mailing list

We do NOT accept the following at our fairs: Traders who buy items to sell (i.e. bought from outside the UK and clearly not handmade), Forever living items, Tropic skincare items, Alcohol, Fireworks, Bric-a Brac, Food/drink stalls (for immediate consumption) including cakes/sweets - as we already have a refreshments stand, Weapons, Pyramid schemes, Illegal/dangerous items or any stalls with less than 70% handmade goods.

Please include the following information when you apply:

1. Your full name

2. Your e-mail address

3. Confirm you have a Paypal account or authorised/permitted access to a family member's account.

4. Confirm that you live within 10 miles of TW1 (If you are unsure, please just state the area you live in)

5. The link to your Facebook business page, website, Etsy page, or another social media account that shows your work. If you do not have any of these, several pictures will be requested.  Even if you have social media links, we will request 2-3 current pictures of your work (as these are used for promotion if/when you become a confirmed crafter at one of our events.)

6. You need to confirm that at least 70% of the items you wish to sell have been handmade by yourself or are your unique design. We do not accept traders, or people wishing to sell on items that have been made by others or pre-bought.  

Good luck to all who apply and we very much hope to see you soon :-)


Twitter/Facebook updates -


Many thanks for visiting x